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Willamette Valley Caviary & Rescue

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We are nestled in Albany Oregon.  My boys and I run our Caviary in a beautiful cedar, air conditioned Room in our backyard, which my wonderful husband is putting the final touches on.  I will update our picture of the Caviary as soon as we get it done.
We have since moved and now live in North Bend.  As before we run our caviary out of a room/Garden shed in our backyard.  Since living on the coast the weather is never more than about 75, and the room is vented well, we maynot be running air conditioning this year, but we have heated this winter.  This shed is larger which has let us expand into other varieties such as the REO and the Beigies, and into another breed, the broken coated Teddies.


This is currently what the caviary looks like.  We still have work to do on it, but it is coming along nicely.  The caviary itself is an 8'x8' air conditioned and heated cedar building.


I have three levels of cages at this time, and a small storage space on the right.  On the left I have a work station and extra room for 2 - 3 stacks of 5 hole cages.


These are some of my chloroplast pens.  I made them myself and they work amazingly well.  They are 2 1/3 ft x 3 1/2 ft.  Perfect for a small herd, and very easy to clean.

Owned by Tamara McCuistion, North Bend Oregon